Shangana Safaris Reviews

We had the most amazing time together in Botswana! As a family we often reminisce about the things we saw, the people we met and how Africa made us feel. It was such a special adventure and we were so lucky to have been able to do it with our family. It felt even more special as we felt part of our guide, cook and camp hands family also. Joseph Mangate is a consummate professional, a passionate guide with a wonderful understanding and connection with the natural world of the Okavango Delta. We learnt so much from him, from animal tracks in the sand to animal behaviour, from the history of Botswana to the current relationship the Motswana have with the wildlife and conservation. To top it off he was great with our children and always pitched the information in an interesting and educational way. 

Maghedi (forgive the spelling) was an alchemist in terms of the food that he was able to prepare over an open fire in the Bush. At one stage I asked him what he was cooking and he lifted the lid to show me poached pears! One does not expect to eat a dessert like that while camping! The two camp hands were gentlemen and always so attentive and friendly. Before booking the safari I felt that it was quite expensive, however, when I realised the amount of moving parts, the remoteness of our situation and the lengths the staff had to go to ensure we even had a constant supply of ice for our G&Ts (first world problem!) I realised that this was good value for money.

There were so many highlights to the safari, too many to mention: the lengths that Helene went to to arrange to have a fishing rod for me at Lazy river campsite, the mokoro rides amongst the lily pads, the boat ride to watch elephants eating from the river, the night drives, the amazing sounds of the African nights. All of them bring a smile to our faces. We were very pleased to support the employment initiatives that occur in the tribal lands adjacent to the national parks and the opportunity to interact with local people and go on night drives etc which brings a completely different experience to the safari (one highlight was watching a serval hunting in the dark). The only element of the safari that frustrated me for a moment was when the speed boat drivers all sped back to base at the end of the safari sending waves and wash in all directions, which I am sure would upset Jacana and other bird’s nests amongst the reeds and lily pads. They obviously do it as some guest have the need for speed but it felt like we were disrespecting the wildlife once we had seen enough and were heading home. These are delicate habitats and it would be a shame to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. 

Please pass on my appreciation to Helene and David of Shangana Safaris also, unfortunately I do not have their email address to thank them personally. Keep up the great work and feel free to use any of the above as an endorsement/recommendation for future guests. Botswana should be so proud in the conservation work that you are all a part of. To see a fully functioning and complete ecosystem from the top predators down to the keystone species of grasses was such a privilege in todays world. Botswana is not just protecting these habitats and animals for themselves or for Africa but you are doing it for the rest of the world.
Eoin Warner (April 2023)

What can I say. Marta and I had a fabulous safari. We thank you both so much in providing us with such an enjoyable experience. Masters was A-1, second to none as a guide and great person.
I know he had 360 degree vision, spotting game and birds that we had to use binocs to pick up. We loved his tracking skills. One early morning, amongst a diffuse scatter of spur fowl tracks everywhere along the roadside Masters pointed out leopard prints over laid with
aardvark and porcupine tracks, quills dragging in the sand. In Alaska I’ve mastered the winter tracks of moose, wolves, foxes, otters and other critters but this analysis was beyond what I could perceive. Cool.
Thanks for sending us to the Boteti River and Deception Pan in the Kalahari. Nailed the zebras moving through the Boteti valley. Their constant braying and calling was great music. Will never forget the zebras and wildebeest kicking up clouds of dust, silhouetted
against a setting sun, a surreal image. The birdlife was exceptional, especially around the water pools, spoonbills, yellow bills, maribous, stillts, lapwings, etc… Seeing the oryx and springboks in the Kalahari was a treat. Total different and harsh ecology in the desert and we loved seeing it through Master’s ancestral eyes.
Saw where the Owen’s camp had been nearby in a an Acacia grove and could only visualize ghosts of what may have been in their crazy bur dedicated hyena/lion research back then.
Ollie was superb, cooking and laughing, great breads and stuff. Ruff was essential to everything. What a great package.
Stu and Martha (May 2023)

We had a really exceptional trip. From the moment Leabo from Shangana picked us up in Maun right through to Vic Falls Airport two weeks later we didn’t really have to worry about anything. The itinerary was fantastic and the guys were very happy to make changes and be flexible with everything. Mobile safari was an adventure, but it was also some of the most glamorous comfortable camping we have ever done! And the food was just exceptional, we could have been on some private yacht somewhere, but no we were in the middle of the bush! It was great to be able to try lots of local food, many thanks for organising that! I don’t think we will forget having Lions in the camp at Moremi and seeing them passing the tent before watching them feast on last night’s kill for a long time… and that was just one of many amazing sights. I know that we wouldn’t have had the experience we had without the guys from Shangana – their knowledge, passion and determination to give us the best trip possible shone through, and they are a credit to David and Helena.
Rob and Bethany (May 2022)

My son and I have recently returned to England after spending 12 nights in beautiful Botswana. We spent 8 of those nights on a mobile camping safari with your company and it was truly wonderful. We were expecting to be in a group but it ended up just being the two of us.
The team who looked after us are all a great credit to your company. They were friendly, polite and totally professional throughout the trip. 
Our guide Leabo was so lovely and his knowledge and experience made it a truly great experience. We learnt so much from him!
The food was exceptional and the cook Mg (probably not spelt like that!), was an inspiration to us. How he managed to cook such amazing vegan food out in the Bush was beyond me! He made us look forward to every meal and we were never disappointed. 
Happy smiling Moola (again probably spelt differently!) was so sweet and nothing was too much trouble. I loved listening to him singing!
I would highly recommend this safari to anyone and have been telling friends they should go to Botswana!Please thank your fantastic team, they made our safari truly special.
Kind regards
Annie Young (May 2022)