Mokoro Safaris

Okavango mokoro safaris

On an Okavango Mokoro safari your world drifts away as you glide silently through the delta. Your guide expertly navigates countless channels, around each bend paradise unfolds. Nothing beats walking with wildlife as a close to nature experience.

The use of a traditional canoe called a mokoro is the most environmentally friendly way for visitors to experience the peacefulness and tranquility of the Okavango Delta. The fairly recent innovation of fiberglass replicas mean that the majestic old trees that are so much a part of the Okavango landscape are no longer being chopped down for Mokoro manufacture. There are varying ways a visitor to the Okavango Delta can include a Mokoro trip in their visit.

Okavango Mokoro Safaris from Maun

If an Okavango Mokoro safari is the focus of your visit then you may go from Maun without having to fly to a lodge in the delta. From Maun you can be transported to one of the community run Okavango mokoro stations either by boat or safari vehicle. Your mode of transport to the Mokoro station will depend on water levels. You have the option of having all equipment and meals provided or taking your own equipment and provisions.
Sitting in a Mokoro is only one aspect of this form of Okavango experience. Guided game walks in the early morning and late afternoon and spending time in your island campsites during the midday heat are just as much a part of your daily activities.
You may embark on a mokoro trip for any number of days you wish.

Mokoro trips from lodges

Most of the wonderful inner-delta lodges offer short morning or afternoon excursions. Some also offer overnight wilderness camping experiences with basic fireside camping a highlight and are a great option for the more adventurous travelers.

Mokoro trips on safari

There is a mokoro station at Mboma in Moremi Game Reserve and another in the Khwai concession. This makes a mokoro excursion an attractive add-on to a mobile safari in either of these areas.

Mokoro Station
Mokoro Station

Self-catered Okavango Mokoro Safaris

If you have your own camping equipment and the time to stop by a supermarket for provisions then this is an affordable way to enjoy the Okavango. If at all possible it would be a nice gesture to buy extra provisions to share with your guide. Your guide, allocated by the community trust, will play a big part in your Okavango experience.

We can arrange your mokoro trip and a transfer to the best Mokoro station according to time of year and water levels.
We currently use Ditshipi in the Eastern Delta because of wildlife density. This takes around 2 hours in a safari vehicle. About 45 minutes of this drive is in a wildlife area with good game viewing possibilities.
You will need to pack light if you wish to avoid having to hire an extra luggage Mokoro

2020 Self-catered mokoro prices
(Minimum 2 people)

2 day trip P1100.00 per person.
3 day trip P1400.00 per person.
4 day trip P1700.00 per person.

If extra luggage Mekoro (pl.) are required add P300-00 per mokoro per day.

Okavango mokoro safaris

Equipped and Catered Okavango Mokoro Safaris

If you prefer your camp set up for you and for one of our chefs to perform their fireside magic we will be happy to provide this. Our equipment is bulky so this also entails some extra luggage Mekoro to get the job done.

2020 catered mokoro prices
(Minimum 2 people)

2 day trip P3200.00 per person.
3 day trip P4800.00 per person.
4 day trip P6400.00 per person.
Single Supplement 25%.